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Xeotérmica Galega


This science focussed business has recently based themselves in Galicia, in northern Spain. They use to be based in New Zealand working on Hydrogeology based projects across the globe.

Xeotérmica Galega is their platform to introduce their expertise in research, and data modelling to the region

An Introduction

Xeotérmica Galega is a new science research company interested in Galicia's potential to supply Goethermal Energy. They wanted to ensure that their community were aware of their values and considered approach before
 the start of their project.

The website introduces the business to Galicia and uses multi-lingual pages to communicate to partners and the regions Spanish and Galician speakers.

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Logo design

The new logo was inspired by the regions ancient, linear, carved rock petroglyphs, combined with the tidy symmetry of Geothermal piping. 'X' marks the spot on the map where they will find the most suitable places for Geothermal exploration.

The Brand kit

This simple guide outlines the brand identity and and all the supporting elements. It assists with clarifying and managing all the visual content whatever platform it's being used on.

Clear and consistent

Keeping your business brand consistent not only keeps everything looking professional; it's well documented that this instills more trust in your product or service to potential clients.

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We realised quickly during our first meeting with Lisa for our website build that her experience could bring much more than just beautiful and intelligent design to our project.

Lisa listened and understood what we needed as a start-up company. Her enthusiasm outweighed our expectations and because of her ideas and industry experience we engaged her further for brand and identity work, consulting her on our design strategy, marketing, media management and brand imaging.

She continues to be an asset to both our businesses.

Sally & Huw Williams | Agua Enodo & Xeotérmica Galega
Director + Hydrogeologist


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