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Packaging design

Not only an essential component for your product, this is an exciting design opportunity that can create brand awareness. Perhaps you have an e-commerce business and need a solution for shipping? We specialise in environmental packaging design solutions 

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Eco solutions

In today's world, we want to be even more responsible about the packaging we use and how we can reduce the quantity to landfills. 

We have a huge interest in the available options for sustainable and environmental packaging design. These are solutions that have come a long way in recent years with the material choices and printing processes for product packaging that don't require plastic.

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How we work

Getting started

Taking into account your market, budget and how you’ll be retailing your items, we can run you through a list of options for packaging and labelling and how environmentally sustainable options can be applied to your products.

Product placement

The fun part; - working with you to research and clarify where your product sits within the market; - Who are your audience? Have you got any current branding? This will greatly influence the style and direction of the design.

Minutiae attention to detail

It's important to be across the finer details needed on food and beverage packaging and what's required on the back of your package or label. We can assist with ensuring that you have all the boxes ticked well before printing and manufacturing.


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