Booking graphic design and website work for April 2024

Film & TV graphics

We produce graphics for film and TV for both New Zealand-based and international film & TV productions. Using modern print techniques, we design graphics for small hand-held props and large-scale signage that integrate into the overall production design

Graphic props

These small scale, hand-held graphics for film, may have a mention in the production's script, or they may be utilised to assist with part of the overall set design.  These graphics are mocked-up by hand. Special surface textures are often applied to create a naturally aged and worn appearance.

Set dressing graphics

Larger scale graphics for film (see below) work to blend into the set build, or cover up ‘real world’ graphics on location. They are often signage based and we get to invent a host of products and places for the production’s story. They merge into the background of a set and follow style concepts that align with the script.

These are produced for a range of genres – from historical dramas to futuristic kids action TV shows.

Our print capabilities

+ Exhibition & display graphics
+ Presentation graphics
+ Packaging
+ Publications - brochures & posters
+ Stationery
+ Signage - Exterior & Interior + wayfinding systems

Are you a starting a new project?

Book a no obligation call with us to discuss how we can work with you to give your hard efforts the benefit and value of professional design. Whether this is for online and digital - or a print solution such as signage.


Lisa has worked with me creating interesting, yet diverse and very purposed graphics, which make up part of the visual storytelling for the film and television industry. Lisa works very hard to understand the brief, and deliver great and unique results for every project. She is very organised, often managing very large-scale print projects which were always delivered on time.

She designed and built my personal website which houses over 200 optimised photos and videos of my work which I’m very happy with.

Even when there are very tight timelines, Lisa always strives to achieve the best results.


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