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Public art murals


These large-scale public art murals have been another additional part of our design business over the years. They're a collaboration with local community groups, schools and local council boards

Local council projects

As these visuals are in a public place, there’s a consultation process where the theme and style is considered before they’re painted.

These bright paintings activate often forgotten spaces in the community, giving back to the public a positive sense of their environment.

Studies have also documented that areas left to get delapidated become unsafe. This changes once they're given this treatment and focus.

The application

After the theme and design are approved by the local council, the mural is hand-painted at a selected location. These sites are often areas that were a target for tagging and in need of reviving.

The paint application is done by my partner and artist Adrian Jackman who's a contemporary painter. His personal work can be viewed at Some of these public art murals are painted with assistance from local schools or community groups, giving those involved an opportunity to be part of a group project in their own neighbourhood.

Talk to us about your public mural or art project idea

Book a no-obligation call to discuss how to get these projects into your community. Or send us an enquiry via our contact form.


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