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GeoExchange NZ


A new identity was required to represent the specialised services that GeoExchange is launching in New Zealand. Their focus is clean renewable energy solutions with geothermal technology.

The technical and organic nature of ground source energy

GeoExchange specialises in geothermal energy solutions. They are based in Australia and required a new identity that would resonate with their new clients and projects starting up in New Zealand.

To signify this area of sustainable energy, an icon was developed that captures the geothermal continual loop cycle from hot to cold and vice versa. Its clean lines assist it to fit into this science-based and technical industry.

Keeping in mind the different platforms this logo would be used across, horizontal, stacked and icon-only versions were developed to cover the small and large placements required. 

Locking in a full-brand identity

When an organisation moves into a new market, it's important that your design and marketing establish not just your expertise, but a sense of trust. By using clarity and consistency with their branding, an organisation is consciously conveying the right message to its clients. 

At the onset of any new project, have a clear and established brand identity set up to work across all the platforms you'll require in the future. A logo for a larger enterprise should have the features to work at any size and across all touchpoints it will encounter. Therefore a responsive brand mark that works as a stacked, horizontal and abbreviated symbol is recommended.

The brand kit is handed over with supporting documentation so any supplier can check that they are keeping everything consistent. If you'd like to discuss a brand identity or design refresh, get in touch.

After a new graphic identity or a refresh?

At Papercrane Design we have a massive interest in graphic design for the science and tech sector. 

If you have a business or an idea in this sector, get in touch for a chat about how a visual identity and supporting design can greatly help with communicating your expertise, setting up presentation document templates for promotional use and/or funding sources if required.  


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